GAR days

8 . 27 . 14 | New New Berlin!!


The artist Jade Townsend takes aim at the NevADA Art Fair.


The Deuce II is hopping.


David McClain, reporter for the Daily Sensation, hard at work.


Emily Sloan preaches the word.


The first wedding of New New Berlin.


Dennis Nance says “No you CANNOT get a room at the Aspen Hotel”.


Andres Mireles doing hard time.


Lindsey Schnell, looking for trouble at the Deuce II.


Brian Piana pours a stiff one.



Artist William Powhida basking in the glow of the Le Banco des Vetrauens ATM.


Josh Bernstein and musician Colin Clark. Thanks for the sweet tunes, Colin!

DSC_0283 DSC_0288


From the depths of hell, Eric Schnell brings visitors to New New Berlin the wurst sausages.


A huge thank you to William Powhida, Jade Townsend and Janet Phelps for building the New New Berlin! And thanks to all of our volunteer actors for the evening: Emily Sloan, Brian Piana, Lindsey Schnell, Dennis Nance, David McClain, Andres Mireles and Loli Fernandez – you guys really made the night special! And finally, many many thanks to everyone who came out for the opening on Saturday night – it was such a fun night and we’re so grateful we could share it with you!


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