GAR days

12 . 12 . 14 | Un-Music



This past Tuesday, we were honored to host DaCamera’s Young Artists for “Un-Music: A Concert Celebrating Anti-Establishment Music”. Works by John Cage, Erik Satie, Morton Feldman, John Luther Adams, and pieces from the FLUXUS Movement were performed. Here is Yvonne Chen on piano, and Boson Mo on violin performing Erik Satie’s “Choses vues à droite et à gauche (sans lunettes)”.





Sallie Barbee, Yvonne Chen, Teresa Procter, Brandon Bell and Luke Hubley performing various FLUXUS works.


John Luther Adams’ “Dark Wind” with Rebecca Tobin on bass clarinet.


Craig Hauschildt put together the program for the evening, and it was truly astounding! Awesome job, Craig! Here is the man himself playing percussion for “Dark Wind”.


Perhaps our favorite piece was John Cage’s “Inlets” which is performed with water in seashells and the sound of fire (from GAR’s own courtyard fire pit!)


Thank you to Teresa Proctor, Boson Mo, Brandon Bell, Yvonne Chen, Rebecca Tobin, Craig Hauschildt and Luke Hubley for your amazing performances. And thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the night with us!


The next morning, December 10th 2014, in the gar back courtyard, this little guy was meditating on becoming a chrysalis.


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