GAR days

6 . 27 . 15 | Summer Isn’t Always a Bummer


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Residency Show, even though it was a rain soaked night!


Gartist in Residence, Grace Ndiritu, looking fabulous next to the Eatsie Boys food truck.


Wild Moccasins were able to finish their set right before the storm set in! Thanks for a great show guys!


Cat Koozies! Cat Koozies! Cat Koozies! If you could correctly answer a Greek mythology trivia question posed by Lucy Sparrow you may have walked away with one of these GAR commemorative beauties!







After the Residency Show opening we headed out for our annual West Texas field trip. On the way out there we stopped at the Sonora caves. It’s a strange, crystal world down there!


A Mountain GARfrog eagerly watches breakfast being made.


Back at GAR proper we see that under Sallie’s eternal optimism our Plant People invite has blossomed into this! Anyone else get any gardens from their invites?


The swallowtail larvas have been shape-shifting.


But if anyone out there knows what kind of butterfly this guy will become, please let us know! Because it sure is pretty!


2 thoughts on “6 . 27 . 15 | Summer Isn’t Always a Bummer

  1. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, advice for an artists like myself that is struggling with my career, education goals/ My favorite artist, is Dan Schmahl, his works brings out the gypsy in my soul.

  2. Reblogged this on A Kind Of Single Lady and commented:
    Galveston Artist Residency exists on Galveston Island thanks to a couple of people who saw the potentional here. They always bring great things…even when I don’t particularly agree with the “art students” view on “art” from time to time. BTW…The Wild Moccasins did a beautiful job and that lead singer has amazing charisma. I hope to see her really go places. And the storm finish was beautiful.

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