2 . 19 . 16 | End of Winter Update


A typical winter beach day. Sometimes when the wind is out of the north the water becomes incredibly flat.


Shark Karma. But when the wind comes from the south it can get really choppy and wash creatures up on the beach. We sent this shark back into the water and it swam away fine. With all the surfing we’ve been doing around here lately a little shark karma could be useful.


Sadly it’s time for Vicki’s show to come down. but not before it was visited by a ghost from Dicken’s past…


Time for our show at the CAMH to come down too, but not before we do a little meditating on the Island Time…




Thanks to┬áBrandon Bell, Danielle Chan, Craig Hauschildt, Jamey Kollar, Matthew McClung, and Neil Sisauyhoat for coming to GAR and performing Michael Gordon’s “Timber”. It was intense and cathartic!




Thanks to Shrimp Boat Projects for helping us bring Dave Dove, Jason Jackson, and Ryan Edwards to GAR to perform “Music for Dolphins”. This was a really unique piece that brought the concert from the Bay to the people!




A field trip to the Oil Rig Museum in honor of current resident Diana Puntar’s birthday with Michael Waugh and Vicki Sambunaris resulted in multiple assaults by frisky mannequins.


Thanks to Josh Bernstein and Natasha Bowdoin for bringing us Christmas Rune Wood. We’ve been burning it in the proper order and hope to unleash the Nordic Fire God before the Vernal Equinox! Bring on spring!


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