GAR days

6.23.16 | Summertime


Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening of the 5th Year Residency Show! It was a great night, with great art, food, and music.


Thomas Helton’s Boomtown Brass Band was fantastic!



Himalayan Taste made SO much food! And we did a pretty good job of plowing through it.


Big shout out to Paul Pedisich, a long time friend of GAR (purple shirt) and congrats on the release of his book “Congress Buys a Navy”. Go check it out here.


The show is pretty sweet. Congratulations to this year’s residents – Zachary Moser, Diana Puntar, and Michael Waugh.  If you haven’t made it down to see it yet, come on by! It’s up until July 23rd.  You can also see more installation photos here.


After the show opened we headed West.  Say what you want about Marfa, but just look at that sunset!


IMG_2723 copy



Searching for cave paintings at Mountain GAR.


We found them! Possibly an elk…?


Dwindi still loves nothing more than a good hike.


We still have a few issues of Binder Volume 1 available if you haven’t got yours yet. Contact us for more details.  This issue comes with the zine, a cd, and a poster.


The GARden has been fruitful this spring, especially figs and berries. But you gotta get to them before the mockingbirds do, because those dudes don’t share!


Dean Daderko gave us a cucumber seedling plant when he came to do studio visits and it has been cranking out cucumbers all summer long! 


It’s officially summer, and while all the other plants are fading, the Mexican sunflowers are going crazy! And that’s what’s so great about them.  High fives to anyone who can spot the Sallie among the sunflowers.



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