05.04.17 | The Birds and The Bees


Curator, Regine Basha and her son, Ruben, visited Galveston this spring and we went to go visit the Roseate Spoonbills nesting on High Island.


It’s a sight to see! 


When you add in the alligators it becomes a primal nature wonderland!


Here is a migrating Indigo Bunting resting in the GAR courtyard. The spring migration seems to have come a little late this year, but there have been plenty of beautiful birds passing through.


New additions to the residency! Introducing the GAR bees!


Here is Eric, releasing the Queen (Beeyonce).


Many thanks to Anna Garza for coming to Galveston and talking about her projects empowering girls and building safe spaces for sexual minorities in Houston through the wisdom and power of Rock n’ Roll! This was a collaboration between GAR, WAKE the zine, and the Galveston Party.


Afterwards, Giant Kitty played a super fun set. Thanks so much for coming down, guys! This was such a rad show!


Last week we were honored to host a Da Camera Pop-Up Concert, Blow Up, My City, featuring Sonia Wieder Atherton on cello, Sarah Rothenberg on piano, and short films by Chantal Akerman.


Sonia Wieder Atherton accompanying Chantal Akerman’s Saute ma ville (Blow up, My City), which she filmed in 1968 when she was 18. It was her first film.


Sonia and Sarah playing Grand Duet for cello and piano (1959) by Galina Ustvolskaya. They brought the house down.


The following night Karima Walker treated us to a haunting, spectral desert meandering. Special shout out to Michael Allison, who not only opened for Karima, but did all our sound and projections for the show as well. Thanks, Michael!


Last, but certainly not least, a gratuitous spring garden bounty photo. This went into our bellies. The traditional GAR lunch is alive and well.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to all our music events this past spring. Looking forward to summer!


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