Catching Up

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Its been a really busy fall/winter, but we wanted to give a shout out to some of the people who have helped make this season special. ¬†First up is Kelly Sears who curated “Unsteady Ground”. Featured is Christina Battle’s video installation “The people in this picture are standing on all that remained of a handsome residence”.

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Thank you to Loop38 for bringing together two works, “Infinite Nero” by Salvatore Sciarrino and “The Coronor’s Report” by Simon Holt in their program, Murder Mystery Madness. It was an incredible and inspired performance!




Thank you to Eric Taylor and Susan Lindfors Taylor for an epic night of music and storytelling.

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GAinstall-courtyard copy

Thank you to Gregory Amenoff for sharing these beautiful paintings with us, and for hanging out with us in Galveston.


Oh! And by the way, its been cold as all get out this past winter! Thank you, global warming, for your freaky weather patterns!


Thank you to Joshua Edwards for coming to read us poetry, and beating us all in chess!


And as we look forward to spring, here is a little bee hive update for you all! We did our first spring inspection of the bee hive! We found they filled the feeder box up with honey, so we removed it, and continued checking on the rest of the hive.


In the first box we found it packed full of free-form comb! We weren’t very strict with our bees and getting them to build nice, straight comb, but they seem super happy doing it their way.


The next box was full of older comb, so the color had gotten really dark.


Taste testing our first bit of GAR honey! It was SO GOOD!


Hopefully next time you come visit we’ll be able to share some honey with you!


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