GAR days

Fantastic Spring!


It’s been a beautiful spring. We had a lot of fun beachcombing with Mark Dion while he was in Galveston working on an upcoming project.



Here are some of the beach treasures he found.



While visiting the bird rookery at High Island there was this strange moment when an alligator ambushed a Roseate Spoonbill, pulling it under the water. The other spoonbills turned and stared intently at the spot of their comrades disappearance for what seemed like a very long time. 



The GAR soundtrack for this spring was perfectly captured in an evening show featuring Advance Base, Friendship, and Karima Walker. Thank you Michael Stuart Allison for taking such good care of the sound and lights!



A big Thank You to our current resident artists, Justin Roykovich and Kristina Estell, for taking time out of their studio work to share with students from HSPVA and Clear Springs High School!


It was an honor to host the students from the Iconoclast Poetry program for one of their live poetry reading events. Torrina Harris is doing such great work!


We always love having Da Camera put on one of their special performances in the GAR gallery. This visit the Da Camera Young Artists — featuring Jacob Schafer (violin), Giancarlo Latta (violin), Sergein Yap (viola), and Annamarie Reader (cello) — performed Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14 in C-sharp Minor, Op. 131 (1826) as part of the Beethoven For All Concerts.


The poet and writer Jeremy Sigler has also been in town doing studio visits and while here created this lovely book along with mathematical assistance from David Feil.

adam photo-10.jpg

If you haven’t seen Adam Putnam’s show in the GAR Gallery make sure you stop by soon! The last day to catch it is May 12th.



The migratory birds have been passing through all month! The second picture is a sweet but exhausted hummingbird resting in our Jasmine. The last picture is of several Tanagers picking off the GAR bees as they come and go from the hive. Fortunately the Tanagers have moved on, leaving our bees in peace.


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