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7.24.18 |Summer Blast


We’re in the heart of summer right now, but wanted to look back on the last few months.  Back in May we were honored to host a screening of David Fenster’s film “Opuntia” about Cabeza de Vaca, prickly pear cactus, and personal journeys.


To mark the occasion we served Prickly Pear cocktails – containing mezcal, prickly pear juice, ginger liquor, and lime! Smoky and sweet and potently delicious. Yum.



Congratulations to current GAR residents, Justin and Kristina, for making an amazing exhibition! The opening was a lot of fun, and many thanks to El Lago and Blushing for providing some awesome music in the back courtyard.


The night ended in flames.


Heading out to West Texas, for our annual Marfa trip. Turn left at nipple mountain.



Sallie and Lucy exploring the rocks at the Chihuahuan Desert nature center. The  best part about West Texas is the hiking, and the creatures. Which brings us to another installment of: CREATURE FEATURE!


Here is a Spade Footed Toad balancing a dog hair on its nose! Spotted in Marfa, TX.


For some nightmare fodder, here is a Giant Centipede, and yes, it is longer than your finger (I don’t care how long your fingers are).



Fluttering Friends! From top to bottom: A Sphinx Moth feeding on flowers in Marfa, An Arizona Sister butterfly in the mountains near Fort Davis, TX, and finally a Black Witch moth that was waiting for us upon our return to Galveston.



In response to the minimalist art in Marfa, we noticed that the bunnies have taken it upon themselves to be the upholders of representational art, like this self-portrait we found etched into the side of a building at the Chinati Foundation.


And introducing our newest GAR furry friend – the wonderful, ever charming, Mister Smithers!


At the second artwalk for the residents show we had to pull out the giant bubbles – its a GAR summer tradition. And this bubble master just had a birthday! Happy birthday Marji! 


And if you came to the second artwalk hopefully you got your hands on these limited edition GAR t-shirts featuring 2016-2017 resident, Pat Palermo’s drawing of Pumaman on his magical, bee-making guitar!


And no blog post would be complete without some plant-life, like this exuberant Passion flower, strutting its stuff in the GAR front courtyard. Stay cool this summer, friends!



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