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12.11.18 |Falling into the Holidays


It’s been a beautiful fall in Galveston!


Despite some torrential downpours! Our new artists in residence had a rainy start to their year – here is current resident Derick Whitson looking fashionable, slogging his way to the studios.


Thank you to Leslie Moody Castro for being our first curator in residence. Here she is doing research for her exhibition with Cristobal Gracia.


Thank you to Cristobal Gracia for traveling from Mexico City this August and making a fantastic show in our gallery space.

dash and leslie

Thank you to Dash Beardsley for being a willing performer and keeping the ghosts away! 


The one thing we’ve always wanted to do here at GAR is catch a wild swarm of bees. Credit goes to Dan Schmahl for spotting this swarm in our live oak tree in the back courtyard.


Leaping into action, Sallie and Eric prepare to capture the swarm!


Success! At the risk of making this look much easier than it actually was — the queen and her swarm were captured and put in this plastic bin.


Then we were able to transfer them to our warre hive, where they are now busy gathering pollen and stocking up for the winter.


The annual biker rally can be loud and annoying, but if you throw yourself into the heart of it there’s always a moment where it becomes radiantly beautiful.



Thank you to Moon Racer (Durham, NC) and Advance Base (Chicago, IL) for coming to Galveston and playing such a great show! It was a really special night.  


And now it’s time for our regular segment: CREATURE FEATURE!! Starting off with Snakes On the Beach!


Here is an evil caterpillar, with its poops. This is an Asp Caterpillar, which will sting the ever loving shit out of you. For real. 


Baby Toad!


Sunbathing Christmas beetle! And that concludes this episode of… CREATURE FEATURE!


Thank you to Robert Ruello for assisting in the pre-opening-ritualized-smoke-bomb-courtyard-drawing. 


And for making these incredible paintings for the gallery! If you’re in the area, be sure to stop in and see Robert’s show, “The Moving Evening,” which will be on view until February 2019.


Thank you to Eric Taylor and Susan Lindfors Taylor for coming and putting on an epic show for us. It’s always an honor for us when they come to GAR.

hat trade

And before the night was over, Eric even traded hats with this dude!


The return of the GARchangel!


Topped with the sweetest little angel we could find — straight from Vegas! 

ghost and darkness

And no blog post would be complete without some photos of the GAR kitties! Here are The Ghost and The Darkness, in a photo that we feel perfectly captures their personality and relationship. And we couldn’t pick one photo of Pumaman — he’s so dang cute — so here are ALL the Pumaman photos!



I mean… Come ON!


And finally, thank you to Jessica Ninci for these spot on figurines of our three handsome kitty dudes. You nailed them!

We hope you all have a Happy Holiday, and we’ll see you in 2019!







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