4.28.22 | SpringSprungSprang

The boat planter in full bloom.
The bounty from the GARden has made for some gorgeous lunches.
Thank you to GAR Year 2 alum Zahar Vaks for putting together a great group show for the gallery! 3 going through 9 to get to 27 will be on view until Saturday May 7th!
Even though the weather threw us a curve ball, this was still such a special night with performances by Post-Trance Tea Ceremony (Houston, TX) and W. CREEVES (Marfa, TX).
Just your friendly neighborhood Gas Friend.
Residency Shenanigans: All The Dogs.
And a very serious game of pool at Market Street Station.
Andrew, lining up the shot!
Andrew Graham from Swarming Branch made our April Artwalk a night to remember! Thank you, Andrew!
Ending the night with a Happy Birthday fire for past resident, Katrina Moorehead.
Kicking off our Creature Feature with this Mermaid’s Purse. They wash up on shore quite a bit in early spring. They are actually the egg sacks from sharks and rays.
Well hello handsome.
Aren’t you a tall drink of water?
Cool hair, bro.
A Summer Tanager waiting patiently by the bee hive. Tanager’s love to eat bees!
Spotted these prehistoric beauties at High Island. Roughly 6 feet long.
Thanks for visiting GAR, Veronica Roberts, and joining us for a fun day of birding at High Island!
The stop at Stingaree’s on the way back to Galveston was well worth it!
MSA, is that you??
The GAR cats, being cute. Aw!
Thank you to everyone who came out to help make our spring so special! We can’t wait to see you this summer!

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