8.31.22 | Cuckoo in the Courtyard

This past years artists in residence — Manuel Rodríguez, Jean Shon and Andrew Wilson — finished off the year strong with an amazing exhibition in the GAR gallery. We sure are going to miss these three!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the artist talks. It was an awesome night!
A much needed DTO happy hour!
Late Night Jenga Fun.
The whole GAR gang at the beach house!
Manny barbecuing in Middle Earth?
Gratuitous Galveston beach sunrise.
What’s going on in the GARden? Early summer we had oodles and doodles of little tomatoes.
Banana flower with bananas.
Only flowering by moonlight, this dragonfruit flower…
And dragonfruit!
Now at the end of August we’ve got tons of delicious muscadine grapes. All you can eat!
Creature Feature starts with the cat creatures! Here’s The Ghost looking sweet.
Pumaman, looking philosophical. No good photos of The Darkness this time. We’ll make sure to have some next time!
Rescued this sweet little eel on the beach.
And finally! This very observant young cuckoo in the courtyard!

That does it! We’re done with summer, bring on the fall!


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