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In the GARden this spring, tucked among the tomatoes, peppers and holy basil we also planted Tropical milkweed, the seeds came from a sweet woman in Minnesota. She is in it for the butterflies. Our Tropical milkweed grew well and attracted more pesky yellow aphids than I have ever seen on a plant at GAR. Fortunately, our ever vigilant ladybugs came in to keep the sap suckers in check. But no Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, I was starting to wonder if this had been a waste of time. Did Monarchs even fly through Galveston?


Then BOOM, The Monarch caterpillars show up in force. They are ravenous, stripping the milkweed bare. I am starting to think we should have planted more.

DSC_0845 DSC_0863

The Morning of September 19th, The back courtyard is full of Monarch Butterflies, they are resting in the sun. The cycle is complete!

However I cant find a single chrysalis, they must be all tucked back in the tomatoes.


Ever vigilant, Sallie calls me over. Something is in the baby amaranth. An unhatched Chrysalis!


The next morning it has already emerged. Many mysteries. It flies off and over the wall as I approach. On to Mexico!