2.25.17 | The Festival of The Beautiful


This year for Mardi Gras we joined forces with the Galveston Arts Center and the Hotel Artist Lofts to present “The Festival of The Beautiful”.  No fences, totally free, sponsored by no one and everyone.


Costumes and handmade gifts replaced store bought jester hats and plastic beads.  Eric’s wizard costume came complete with a driftwood staff, barnacle incense holder, and beach flotsam necklaces to give to strangers and friends.


We left the GAR compound and joined up with the Hotel Artist Lofts.  Becky Major was playing the Euphonium!



Dennis Nance, Galveston Arts Center curator, looked amazing in his handmade costume and streamers. GAR resident, Fidencio Martinez, was spectacularly turned out as a potted monstera philodendron, and carried our Ark for the fire.


Sallie and GAR resident Pat Palermo carried the official parade banner.




We paraded downtown, gathering revelers as we went.  We quickly outgrew the sidewalk, walked the wrong way up a one-way street, and took over an official parade route for a few blocks, returning to the GAR compound for the rest of the Festival.


We had a ritualistic burning of our Festival Ark. Each group brought their own offering for the fire. In the fire our ashes all became one.





Studded Left from Houston kicked off the show!



And Vockah Redu from New Orleans brought it all home! And a very special thank you goes to Michael Stuart Allison for the projections and sound. A second very special thank you to Dan Schmahl, who took all our photos, and therefore appears in none, or all, symbolically, depending on how you look at it.

Thanks to everyone who came out, made costumes and gifts, and brought the festive spirit. It was a truly special night. Hope to see y’all next Mardi Gras!


9.17.16 |The Eye and The Oracle


David Snyder explains his installation, “Knock-Off Oracle, Undecider’s Anthem… And a Disaster, After” at his opening in the GAR Gallery.


Josh, listening to the oracle.


In conjunction with the gallery opening we had a mini-music festival featuring 3 bands – Karima Walker, Deep Cuts, and Hearts of Animals.  This is Karima Walker’s atmospheric and haunting performance .


Thanks to Michael Allison for his awesome projections! Looked just as good from the inside as it did from the courtyard.  This was during Deep Cuts’ performance.


The three new residents have arrived and have begun exploring the strangeness of Galveston.


Ghost, the GAR kitty – hard at work.


Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.


8 .4 .16 | Big Bubbles and Bernie on the Beach


We sent off our 2015 – 2016 Residents in style – geeking out on giant bubbles!






I mean, how can you NOT smile with bubbles this big? It brought out everyone’s inner kid.


And snow cones!!



Dan puts the finishing touches on a “Bernie on the Beach”.


Special shout out to Michael Waugh for planting ground cherries all over GAR. These funny little fruits shouldn’t have been able to grow in this climate, but they did incredibly well.


Ghost and the Darkness having an early morning conspiratorial meeting. Caught in the act, boys!


Sun rising over the Gulf of Mexico. Happy Summer, everyone!


2 . 19 . 16 | End of Winter Update


A typical winter beach day. Sometimes when the wind is out of the north the water becomes incredibly flat.


Shark Karma. But when the wind comes from the south it can get really choppy and wash creatures up on the beach. We sent this shark back into the water and it swam away fine. With all the surfing we’ve been doing around here lately a little shark karma could be useful.


Sadly it’s time for Vicki’s show to come down. but not before it was visited by a ghost from Dicken’s past…


Time for our show at the CAMH to come down too, but not before we do a little meditating on the Island Time…




Thanks to Brandon Bell, Danielle Chan, Craig Hauschildt, Jamey Kollar, Matthew McClung, and Neil Sisauyhoat for coming to GAR and performing Michael Gordon’s “Timber”. It was intense and cathartic!




Thanks to Shrimp Boat Projects for helping us bring Dave Dove, Jason Jackson, and Ryan Edwards to GAR to perform “Music for Dolphins”. This was a really unique piece that brought the concert from the Bay to the people!




A field trip to the Oil Rig Museum in honor of current resident Diana Puntar’s birthday with Michael Waugh and Vicki Sambunaris resulted in multiple assaults by frisky mannequins.


Thanks to Josh Bernstein and Natasha Bowdoin for bringing us Christmas Rune Wood. We’ve been burning it in the proper order and hope to unleash the Nordic Fire God before the Vernal Equinox! Bring on spring!

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9 . 14 . 13 – 9 . 21 . 13


In the GARden this spring, tucked among the tomatoes, peppers and holy basil we also planted Tropical milkweed, the seeds came from a sweet woman in Minnesota. She is in it for the butterflies. Our Tropical milkweed grew well and attracted more pesky yellow aphids than I have ever seen on a plant at GAR. Fortunately, our ever vigilant ladybugs came in to keep the sap suckers in check. But no Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, I was starting to wonder if this had been a waste of time. Did Monarchs even fly through Galveston?


Then BOOM, The Monarch caterpillars show up in force. They are ravenous, stripping the milkweed bare. I am starting to think we should have planted more.

DSC_0845 DSC_0863

The Morning of September 19th, The back courtyard is full of Monarch Butterflies, they are resting in the sun. The cycle is complete!

However I cant find a single chrysalis, they must be all tucked back in the tomatoes.


Ever vigilant, Sallie calls me over. Something is in the baby amaranth. An unhatched Chrysalis!


The next morning it has already emerged. Many mysteries. It flies off and over the wall as I approach. On to Mexico!